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Has that much-needed painting job been falling further and further down your to-do list? If so Painters Las Cruces is ready to help! We are the leading painters in Las Cruces and surrounding areas.

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"If you are looking for reliable House painters Las Cruces Nm then you need to reach out to Painters Las Cruces. Out of 4 job estimates I got they were the most reasonably priced and I really appreciated that the estimate showed me what my money was being used for. By no means does the low prices reflect the work they do because I am extremely happy with the job they did on the exterior of my home, the low prices just made it so much better." - Thomas P.

Painters Las Cruces

Welcome to Painters Las Cruces, we are the premier choice in painting companies Las Cruces. Our main focus as a company is to provide superior customer service, along with detailed and professional painting. If you have been putting off that painting project that your home or business desperately needs because the process seems like a hassle then contact us today and we promise to make your project seamless and easy.

Our company Offers Services for:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Deck treatment
  • Fence Painting

We are best known in the area for our excellent painting skills, some of our painters have worked with us for a decade, gaining knowledge and skill, our painter’s passion, they strive to provide the very best paint result on every job. Maybe you are looking for House painter Las Cruces or Las Cruces commercial painting, no matter the job we will bring our high standards with us every day.

Our Painting Services

Over the years our company has grown into a multi service, leading painting company, we offer professional painting for any need from home updates to large commercial work. We are extremely grateful for the growth that the community has helped us achieve. Because of this we believe in re paying our gratitude by providing superior customer service and incredible craftsmanship to all of our customers. Read our list of services below to find the right choice for you.


Exterior House Painting

Our Exterior painting Las Cruces Nm service can be seen all over our community. If you are a business owner and looking for a way to attract new customers, painting the exterior of your office or store is the ticket.

It is proven that customers are more attracted and likely to go to establishments that have an attractive storefront. It also showcased the pride you have for your business and can show success.We can help you protect your investment and make your vision for your business come to life.


Interior Painting

Interior paint can completely change the look and feel of an establishment. We cater our services to accommodate the hours of our business owners or homeowners. We are able to provide weekend hours to those who need our work about busy times in an office setting.

Our painters keep clean work areas and always act in a professional manner, so working during the work day will have minimal impact. This investment in your home or business will pay off tenfold with the compliments from customers and friends and family. If you are in search of Interior painting Las Cruces Nm then we are the right choice for you.


Commercial Painting

We have been lucky enough to establish great relationships with many of the major contractors in the area giving us constant work on commercial buildings.

Our painters are very experienced in working efficiently to get the job done within deadlines, our team works systematically to insure that we provide detailed and provident work. When you hire us for a Las Cruces Commercial job you will receive professional painting results, fair costs, efficient and hard work.


Residential Painting

This service is carted to the transformation and updating of homes, both interior and exterior. Las Cruces house painting helped shape this company into what it is today and we are very passionate about it. Updating the exterior and interior of your home has multiple benefits, adding value to your home, upping curb appeal and protecting your sidings.

Many of our customers seek our services when they are buying or selling the home, painting is an affordable way to add appeal to home buyers and value. Buyers use our services to update their new home before they move in, saving time and stress. Imagine being able to move into a freshly painted home!. If you are interested in Residential painting Las Cruces Nm contact us today.


Deck And Fence Painting

Proper care of your Fence involves sealing and painting the wood to prevent from rotting wood or cracking due to heat. Our Fence painting service can be added on to our residential service or exterior painting, this is a great option for getting the entire home taken care of. Whether you are going for a classic white fence or something unique and different we want to make your outdoor living space as beautiful as your home.

Deck treatments are extremely important, care of your decking will protect against bug infestations, splitting wood and rot. We want to create an area you can enjoy all year long with no worry that your expensive deck is going to fail you. If you wish to maintain the look and quality of your deck then contact us today for a free estimate on deck treatment and painting.

About Painters Las Cruces

Painters Las Cruces is dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction, Our company has grown to what it is today because of the loyalty and business of our customers. Because of this, we make it our mission to provide the very best service experience. This involves:

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Affordable pricing
  • Expert painting

In addition to our service experience, we take pride in using only quality paints on all of our jobs, we believe that using the top of the lines paints to achieve the best result and longest-lasting finishes. When you are paying for a service you should always receive the best that the company can provide, this is why we choose to use the best paints available.

We offer full-service painting which means that we supply paints, remove old paint, hard preparing the property surfaces, and complete painting. This benefits our customers because it removes the hassle of having to go searching for paints from a retailer. Every one of our services is created systematically to make the process as easy and hassle-free for you.

Our goal is to impact your day as little as possible while we work. Most of our customers live busy lives with family, work, kids, and business. When you hire Painters Las Cruces your painting project will be one less thing you have to worry about. Our project manager will keep the job running, perform quality checks and progress updates so that you can worry about the important things.

Why Choose Us As Your Painting Contractors Las Cruces

If you are searching for “Las Cruces house painters” or “painting Companies in Las Cruces” then you are on the right page. With a decade of experience and knowledge Painters, Las Cruces is the area leading choice in painters. Our customers choose us because we offer full-service painting, meaning that all the stress that comes with a painting project is diminished.

It is important for our company to:

We are passionate about creating a space where you feel successful in business, comfortable, and home and excited to see your house as you pull in the driveway. Our painters all love what they do and provide great customer service. Our painters keep a professional and respectful work environment and arrive on time and in uniform to the job every day.

Our company has been lucky enough to have helped transform homes and businesses and new commercial buildings all around Las Cruces for over a decade. No matter where you travel in our community you have probably seen some of our expert work from house painting Las Cruces to Apartment buildings .

If you are ready to experience the simple and stress-free method of painting contact us today for more information.

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We commit to :

  • Offer a 2-year warranty for all of our services
  • Provide management on the job to keep efficiency and quality work
  • Offer the largest selection of quality paints
  • Keeping organized and tidy work sits
  • Provide the very best painting results

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What To Expect?

Your home or business is a big investment and it is very important to maintain and provide proper care for it. With our assistance we can properly care for the exterior and interior of your property. New paint can protect and add years to the siding on your home it also helps protect against wood rot. When you hire Painters Las Cruces you are hiring professionals who are passionate about the work we do. We aim to make the process as hassle free and simple for you as possible. This is why we have created a 3 step process for our jobs.

Step 1. Your free and accurate estimate. There are many ways that we can complete your free estimate, in person with you, in person without you, and by photos taken. We have many options to get your estimate done because we understand that every person has different needs and hours so we want to accommodate everyone.

Step 2. Next is your color consultation, many have an idea of what colors they are wanting in which case our color specialist will pinpoint the right choice for you. Others need full guidance and ideas when choosing a color which we can give, we have examples and swatches.

Step 3. This is where your home really transforms, our expert painters will work to prep the surface by sanding and filling any holes or imperfections and then moving to trim and priming with top of the line primers. After the Preparation is complete they will begin work applying the final paint, our painters have years of experience mastering the right techniques to achieve the best finish.

After your property has been completed we will be doing a thorough walk through with you to make sure it is all up to our standards and yours. We look forward to seeing how we can help make your life easier by tackling your next painting job.

About La Cruces

Home to the New Mexico State University, Las Cruces is the second-largest city in New Mexico. Full of diverse cultures and traditions merging with a new generation and new youthful atmosphere. The town is best known for being home to the White Sands Test Facility which tests rocket engines and space flight materials. This facility has created a large increase in population which currently sits at 99,665.

The town holds some of the most spectacular festivals, two wine festivals which include fun activities such as grape stomping competitions. Las Cruces also holds the Day Of The Dead November 1-2 to cherish loved ones that have passed, this tradition is sacred for the people of Las Cruces. The metropolitan area is all centered in their Business district where you can find diverse culinary experiences and some amazing theater and art galleries.

Surround areas:

  • Alamogordo
  • Ruidoso
  • Sunland
  • Deming
  • Silver City
  • Socorro
  • Many other surrounding areas

Painting FAQs

Is your business licensed and insured?

Painters Las Cruces is licensed and fully insured for any service we provide. This is extremely important when you are looking for any type of contractor working on your home or business.

How will the project be supervised?

On every job we will have a project foreman on-site, their job is to work with the crew and perform quality checks, and to keep the job on track to make sure it is completed within the time frame. They will be your go-to for communication and progress updates.

What hours does your crew work?

Our standard hours are 9 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri. Our hours are flexible and we can accommodate weekend hours or earlier start times if needed. But we have found that these hours best suit our customers.

How long is it going to take?

This depends on the job request. Some jobs can be completed in a weekend such as interior rooms, while others like exterior house painting may take up to a week with removal and preparation of the home and painting.

Our Las Cruces Painters Reviews

"I am very happy with the work that Painters Las cruces did in my office space. My foremen were very commutative and gave me updates through the weekend which I thought was great. I met the painters on the first day of painting and they all presented themselves in a professional manner, uniforms, and all. This was probably the best customer service I have ever had. "

- Marcus O.

"I had Las Cruces house painters do work on my home and they are very professional and hard workers, and I was really impressed with the level of detail they used. Watching them work was like watching a machine. They all worked so systematically together and it seems like progress is being made every second. I was very pleased that unlike some other company they worked consistent hours and were focused solely on my home. If you need professional painters Las Cruces then pick Painters Las Cruces."

- William F.

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Are you ready for a change? Ready to update your home or business? If so Painters Las Cruces is ready and available to help. We are a full-service company meaning that we supply the paints and materials needed to completely transform our property, all that you have to do is select your paints from our wide variety of quality paints.

Our expert painters reflect our company's values and mission to provide the very best customer service experience. We are efficient, stress-free, accommodating, and trustworthy. If you are looking for Las Cruces painting companies then look no further with years of experience and a beaming reputation in the area Painters Las Cruces is the right and only choice in expert painting contractors.

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House Painters Las Cruces

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